Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I like dreamin'...

Yes, I do like dreaming! I am an RV wanna-be and have been looking into this seriously for at least the last 5 years! For now, I live through other peoples adventures found in their RV Blogs. I have so many reasons why I wish to be a full-time RVer. First, I just have the travel bug and would like some adventure. Secondly, it seems a very good way to live a simple life. Also, I have made alot of friends on Facebook who have Sarcoidosis too and I would like to "Connect the Dots" and meet them. While I am out on the road, I plan to raise awareness about Sarcoidosis and possibly do some fund-raising for research. There are so many other reasons and I will probably talk about these at a later date. Hubby is not as sold out on RVing as I am, but he is considering it. Daughter Alexis is ready to go!

I have looked around at different models of RVs and have really decided (with Hubby) that we would probably be best suited for a Class C model, like the one in the picture.  These Class C models are very expensive when purchased new, however, we will be purchasing a used model. There are two reasons, as we see it, for purchasing used. First of course, is the low price. We will be living a simple life, and that includes being frugal. The second reason is that a used model will have already done a lot of outgasing of the dangerous chemicals. As a person with Sarcoidosis, I am like a canary in a chemical enviorment, and that is not good for me! Think about that new car smell as a load of toxic chemicals. Besides, Class C models are just so darn cute! :)

Moving down the simple path,

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  1. Awesome! You r going to show me how to do this! Next time i come iver can u show me how to make my blog like, AWESOME