Saturday, February 25, 2012

Some projects I'm working on, and pictures. Yes, more pictures!

Okay, so I've started back sewing again--yay! I'm sorry about the bad picture, but I took it with my webcam in bad lighting, soo yeah those two factors don't add up to great pics. Oh, And my arm got in the way. Hehe :) Anyway, so this is a blue and zebra print little purse (and by little I mean about 5" x 5"--not including the handle, of course), which only required sewing for the button. I made it in under 5 minutes, and it looks awesome! (Although, by looking at the picture, I think I can say I've seen better looking things in our garbage.

A little bit better picture of it.

Once again, the deadly combo made this look horrible :/ I'm beginning to hate my webcam. This is a pillow I'm working on for my sister, Melissa (which explains the M). It's purple, (her favorite color) with a zebra striped layer, and then another purple layer, on which I embroidered an M on. I haven't embroidered in probably 2 years, so that's why it's crooked. :D I was going to surprise her, but me being the oh-so-patient person that I am, of course had to show her tonight when she came. She liked it. Or, I think she did. She kind of had her attention elsewhere (being that she has three kids--12, 7, and 2), so I'm not sure.

This is a one-zie (how the heck do you spell that, anyway?) that my nephew Dylan had when he was little. I'm thinking about making it into a pillow.

Okay, warning, this is where the 1,000's of pictures start. Sorryyy, I can't help it, I wanna be a photographer. Buut, there's semi-important information at the bottom. So, deal wif it! 
Picture of the honeysuckle blossoming on our mailbox, taken right after it rained.

 Dead hydrangea's (uhh...I'm not sure if thats what it is, but I think so anyway.)

Hooray for Canadians! :D


Doesn't this look like an alien?!? These grow on trees around our house, so I'm guessing their seeds? I really have no clue.

Sunset...well, sort of.

Bush outside our house.

Brick wall. Hey, don't judge.

These flowers are growing on the side of our house. They are TI-NY!!

Picture of the holly (??) growing on the bushes outside our house.

Some pink flowers. Everything thinks it's spring....should I tell them it's not even March yet?

The dead Hydrangea in a bush. Don't ask.

Profile shot of Abby, my friend. She's a twin. If this picture looks like it was planned, trust me, it's not. She didn't even know I had my DS on.

Is it sad that it took me awhile to understand this sign? At first I thought they had just said chocolate twice, before mama corrected me and said they meant that it's choc. on the inside AND outside, thus making me feel stupid and realize that my blonde roots run deeper than I thought.

Okay, So I'm going to get a haircut, and this is the most recent picture of me, so tell me: which of these haircuts would look good on me?

Pixie haircut. i really like the Pixie cut, but it would probably look horrible on me.

another pixie cut.

Okay, so this is who everyone says is my twin, Saoirse Ronan. She's an actress. She was in The Lovely Bones. I kinda think i'm going to go with this haircut.
This is really similar to the last one.

Okayy, so that's the end of the picture frenzy. I have a question: have  you ever read The Lorax?  And, are you going to go see the movie? We are, on March 3rd, the day after it comes out. Which, may I add, is the same day I can change my earrings. YES!! The six weeks is almost up! It's seemed like the looongest six weeks everrr.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Why isn't the mass media covering this story?

 Veterans for Ron Paul march on White House, turn their backs on Obama foreign policy position
Veterans and active duty service members observe 21 minutes of silent prayer in honor of the service men and women who have fallen abroad during Obama's term. (Samantha Wagner / The Houston Chronicle)

A crowd of more than a thousand people met alongside the Washington Monument Monday afternoon and marched to the White House in a demonstration of support for Ron Paul. With an “about face,” veterans and active duty service members turned their backs to the White House and sent a message to the President: Ron Paul is the choice of the troops.
Adam Kokesh, founder of Veterans for Ron Paul 2012 and a veteran of the Iraq war, said, while he couldn’t speak for everyone, a majority of the people at the event support the Texas congressman in his 2012 presidential campaign — especially for his foreign policy positions.
“It seems very clear to me that those of us who are willing to put our lives on the line to defend this country want a commander in chief who is going to be decisive, who’s going to put America’s security interests first, and who’s only going to send us into harms way with a clear mission,” Kokesh said. “Ron Paul is the only candidate that comes close to measuring up to that standard.”
Alex Schlegel, a Baltimore native and member of the Air Force, said he also agrees with Paul’s foreign policy ideals, as the U.S. hasn’t fought in a war constitutionally since World War II.
“I raised my right hand to defend the Constitution,” Schlegel said.
Standing at the gates of the White House, hundreds of veterans and active duty service members, including Schlegel, turned their backs. Together, they saluted one second for every service member who has committed suicide during Barack Obama’s presidency. After eight minutes of saluting, they observed a 21-minute silent prayer – one second for every service member who died abroad during President Obama’s term.
Kokesh said he believes the message sent by the “about face” is anything but unpatriotic. “It’s not about the office, it’s not about the building, it’s not about the White House,” he said. “It is a symbolic repudiation of Barack Obama’s foreign policy.”
In front of the formation, supporters watched and cheered as the demonstration finished. Grey Zachary from Knoxville, Tenn., was there with her husband in mind, as he’s been serving in Korea for two years. “I’m supporting the man that supports my man,” she said.
With three brothers also in the military, Zachary understands the strain it can put on a family. She supports Paul’s message of reducing troops, and agrees that we’re sending the wrong message by deploying troops around the world. “Why would I expect a country not to fight back if we were there first?” she asked.
Ultimately, Zachary said, it’s up to voters to bring about real change, from who they elect as representatives to who they elect as president. Her choice for president is Ron Paul, she said.
“To support any other candidate, I would lack integrity,” she said.
Overall, Kokesh was thrilled with the turnout and plans on continuing his efforts all the way to the Republican National Convention.
“If we have to march on the RNC we’re going to march on the RNC and we are going to make the Republican base listen to the troops that they claim to support,” he added

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Okay, so I know I didn't plan to blog today, but oh well! :D We went to Cracker Barrel for valentines and I got a Double Fudge Coca-Cola Cake! It was soo good, but you need milk with it...not Orange-Cream Soda!! After we ate we went to the shop, and got some more mugs, a present for a friend, and some sillybands for myself.  I got 4 packs, because they were only 50 cents. Pretty cheap, considering you only get two sillybands for 50 cents in the gumball machines. Anyway, I got Cooking (glow in the dark)--Pot, Spoon, Spatula, Knife, Fork, & Pan; Fun Shaped (Glitter)--Heart, House, Daisy, Flower, Clover, and Star; Glamour (Glow in the dark)--Lipstick, Perfume, Dollar Sign(lol!), Dress, Lips, and Limousine;Fruit Shaped [Rings] (Glitter)--Banana, Pear, Peach, Lemon, Apple, and Grape! Sorry, you're probably asleep by now, after reading all of the different kinds of sillybands I bought. That is, if you didn't skip over it! ;) After we finished shopping and walked outside, I just got the weirdest notion that I want to sit in every rocking chair. Well, rock in every rocking chair, if you count rocking back and forth about two times!! Once Daddy caught on, he remarked, "You'll never be able to sit in all of them." Buuut, I did! So, hah! One guy in the restaurant was kind of staring at me, but who cares! It was really awesome--and fun! Well, just wanted to blog about that!


Febuary Meanderings...

Snow angel from a friend

:) Welcome to our new follower, Christie from At Sixes & Sevens! It is so great to meet another person dedicated to animal rescue!

The above picture of a snow angel was sent to me by my dear friend David who is living in the snow covered mountains. We have had a mild winter here up until the last week. The last few nights have found the temperatures dropping down to the 20's, which is too chilly for this Georgia Peach!!

Happy Valentines Day! My February is filled with Birthdays, Sweet Days, and one very special Anniversary!

9th-Happy Birthday to my dear friend Jack!
10th-Happy Birthday to my Mom! (Her 82nd)
12th-Happy Birthday to my Daughter Melissa! This is also the one year anniversary of getting my Basset Hound puppy, Charlie.
14th-Happy Valentines Day! Tomorrow is the real Sweet Day, when I buy candy at 1/2 price! :)
15th-Happy Anniversary to my wonderful Husband Mike!! Thank you for being my sweetheart!

I am still not feeling quite myself these days! Feeling pretty weak and not sure when or if I will bounce back. Still looking into the possibility of launching into a non -profit status for our animal rescue. We are still involved in personal animal rescue as we have been for the past 5-6 years, but not sure what the future holds. It is taking alot of money and time when I am at a place where my health is deteriorating. We must make some tough choices!

Moving Down The Simple Path,

Monday, February 13, 2012

I ish saying Happy Valentines early. (And also some random pics from 3DS)

 I'm blogging to say Happy Valentines early. I'm posting alot of pictures from my 3DS, some with hearts, some without. I basically just uploaded any picture with hearts, so yeah it's kind of a weird mix lol
 Isn't it cool how it looks like Zelda is about to cut Kirby, and so Kirby is running away? Well, guess what?! I didn't even mean to make it look like that!! The Zelda card blew over to where I was taking pictures of Kirby!!

Picture of hearts and bubbles..

Picture of hearts...

Picture of my shoe. And no, my shoelaces aren't brown. :D It's taken with sepia.

Garlic...Isn't it a cool picture though? There's a mystery button on the DS, where it plays with the pics so you don't know what you're getting, and that's how most of these photos were taken. It takes alot to make garlic look cool.


Hearts all around our Bassett Hound, the infamous Charlie. (The one who ate our pumpkin)

Hearts around a penguin.

My shoe, again.

This picture is really creepy. It was taken with Negative setting. It looks like my eyes are bugged out and looking down, but actually i'm looking straight ahead, and the picture was taken below me.

This picture is so cool! I was taking a picture of my hair, (Don't judge, I was really bored) and then the DS put a picture of me on it, so it looks like I took a picture of me with hair in my face.



Kinda cool picture of some baby food jars.


Me & my freckles.

Picture of mine & mama's faces merged. That's the other cool thing the DS will do; merge faces.


My adorable little nephew♥

Warheads bottle, taken with Negative.

Coke bottle, taken with Negative.

Cool pic of trees, taken with Sepia.

Kirby, with hearts all around him. (In case you haven't noticed, I LOVE KIRBY!!)

B/W pic taken from our truck.

Random picture of my legs..


Picture of our grass...We have pretty grass :D

Another pic of our grass.

Pretty picture of the sky & trees


My brother-in-law being a doofus :P

My pretty sissy :D (Sry it's sideways)

Pic of trees. Taken with Sepia.


I think this is a really awesome picture!


Cool picture of the sky.


Annnnnnnd, boys and girls, if you're still awake, this is yet again a picture of a tree taken with negative. Hey, I can't help it if I want to be a photographer! :D

Have a great valentines day, and Domo Kun hugs to you! ;D

~Alexis ♥