Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gearing up for the New Year!!

:) Welcome to our new follower Ansley1905! Thanks for taking the time to read our blog!

WOW! Time really does fly! The whole month of December was so busy with my Daughter's Birthday, eating out, and Christmas shopping! I had determined to do things slowly (my only speed) but was still wornout and completely exhausted by Christmas Eve. I must admit to dropping a couple more rungs down the health ladder. I will be getting into a wheelchair very soon, but still must admit my limitations. I have a very limited amout of energy and need to save that for the most important activities.

We are gearing up for the New Year in the hopes of being as healthy as we can be! I am planning to primarily eat fresh whole foods and stay away from the procesed and sugary alternatives. We have a Champion juicer and plan to put it to good use. Hubby and I are also getting our health supplements lined up. Yes, I certainly could stand to lose more weight (I am 60 pounds down from my top weight) however, the main reason to follow this new nutrition plan is to try to defeat the Sarcoidosis disease that is destroying my body. It makes sense to me that if this disease is inflammatory, and I am eating a non-inflammatory diet, that this nutrition plan could slow or possibly even stop the Sarcoidosis flares. That is my Prayer!! If anyone is interested, I will go into more detail later about our nutrition plan.

                                                    Moving Down The Simple Path,

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Critter Clarity...

:) First, let me welcome my new follower, (actually, my first!!), Carolyn of Musings By The Creekside. So happy to have you on board! I enjoy reading your blog as well.

I must say that while we have been searching for ways to simplify our lives, that one of the things we were considering was to find a way to close our private animal rescue. Although this is not what we really wanted, all of the work and all the financial responsibility fell on my husbands shoulders. With his work schedule, and my being so ill it is indeed a hardship! Over the holidays, we have  come across many animals that needed help, and have found that we are it. We believe that God put us together for many reasons, and one of those is because we both have big hearts for needy animals. We must find a way to keep the animal rescue going and possibly even increase it's size. We are going to look into starting an official animal rescue with non-profit status, that way we can be eligible for grants and donations from the general public. Also, we may be able to find volunteers in the community to help, as well as seasonal Work-Campers. With this in mind, we will start to look for a 5-10 acre site in the general area for our animal rescue and eventual no-kill shelter. We hope to serve a tri-county area near us in south Georgia. Please pray with us that God's Little Critters Animal Rescue and No-Kill Shelter will become a reality and a bright spot in the community.

                                                      Animal Rescue is Our Mission!


                                                   Moving Down The Simple Path,

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Alot of stuf....(And yeah, I spelled stuff with only one's how i do it)

Alot of things have happened since I last posted.

November 10th. Wow. That's a loooong time. I've forgotten alot of what's happened actually, except for recently, so i'll report what I remember. Funny how I remember things from when I was 2, but I can't remember things a month ago. Well, actually, that happens because events only go into your long term memory if they have some sort of emotional meaning or something. But, anyways, I won't go into all that...(Btw, if you're wondering, we don't go out to eat every night. We were celebrating my Birthday--all week long!!)
December 12th:
Went to El Real. They sang some type of Happy Birthday song. And put my name of the sign.
December 13th:
Went to Cheddar's. Well, and Publix too. But that doesn't really count. Also, Shoutout to Tori. Thanks for the Pink Eiffel Tower :) Oh, and thanks to the 'rents for the Elf, Shelby. And to Granny for the Hello Kitty Pajama's and Slippers.
December 14 (My actual B-day):
Had a cupcake & Capri-sun Birthday Picnic in my front yard. Thanks to Tori, Abby, Britney, Lorissa, Nathan, Tyler, Annakate, Dylan, Hillary, Sean, Granny, and Melissa for coming :) And special thanks to Granny, who made it possible. And we went out to eat at Huddle House.
December 15th:
We went out to eat at Frank & Linda's
December 16th:
Had an ice cream cake party at Granny's house. Thanks Melissa, Kenny, Dylan, Matt, Kim, Elizabeth, Abigail, Sherry, and Don for coming :)
~And that completes the Birthday week. The other six days have just been a blur of Christmas Shopping--not a whole lot of intresting stuff going on. Oh, Yeah, Shoutout to the Felkers--Ryan, Susan, and Victoria (Tori)!! Thanks for the sweets :) The oreo truffles are best :) I need to find out how you made them!! :D
Well, I don't know what else to say, so i'll sto--OOOOOHHH! I DO KNOW WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT!!!! Buuut, I think i'll save it for later ;) Night Guys!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bloom where you are planted!

Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the LORD with all your heart; and lean not upon your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your path.”

While looking at other options for our future living arrangements, my Husband and I came upon the same idea. although we were thinking and praying seperately even in different locations, we were thinking along the same lines. Talk about being one!! I have found in the past, that this happens to us alot. God's ways are often mysterious! (To us human beings!!) While we would prefer a smaller dwelling, we believe that God is showing us uses for our extra space. We are praying about using our extra bedroom, which is actually a master bedroom, to host a Bible Study Group. We have found it a struggle as we are trying to remain apart from the world as much as possible, to find a Church that is not conforming to the world. We removed our television from our home about six years ago and have been trying to avoid Pagan Holidays and Pagan Traditions that are ensconced within Christian Holidays.

Following what we believe to be God's will for our path, we will bloom where we are planted. There may be a time (Weeks, months?) where we are still dealing with some of the issues that we have, and then we plan to begin a mission of Hospitality and Healing through our Lord, Jesus Christ. I have come to believe that because of the issues that I have come to deal with in my life that God has helped me through, that maybe I can with the Lord's help be a help to someone else going through the same issues.Maybe that was the whole point of my suffering. As always, God holds my hand through the darkness, and I will follow Him, and His plan for my life. Thank you lord for opening my eyes and allowing me to see the opportunities to witness and serve for you around me!

Moving down the simple path,

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Just me...

This is one of the photos that was taken Thanksgiving day at the park. My Husband described it to me and I decided that it represented the way in which I spend alot of my time. Being blind limits your activities and so I find myself very introspective. Sometimes this can be a very peaceful serene time. Lately, however, I feel as though I'm coming un-glued. You see, I am very ill (Sarcoidosis and blindness) and I guess I spend alot of time looking back over the past 50 years. Let's just say that it has not been a smooth journey! my way of dealing with bad situations has always been to put each one in a box, tie it up tightly, survive, and move on with life.  This seemed my only choice at the time. I have been stabbed in the heart, and stabbed in the back when I didn't see it coming. There's alot of pain and hurt in those boxes! Now that I am in a safe place, with my Husband and Daughter by my side, the boxes are threatening to come untied. Guess it's time to deal with the emotional mess of the past!! There are so many things about my journey that even some of my closest friends don't know. As I prepare to deal with these issues, I will also be sharing my thoughts and feeling here, in the hopes that I can help someone else coming from the smae background.

We have been sorting through more items to keep and get rid of. Yay!! One more donation to GoodWill and one small bill paid off! Every little bit helps!

Moving down the simple path,

Friday, December 2, 2011


                            Warning: this is not going to be a pretty post so be prepared!

You know the old saying, "Rain, rain, go away"? Well, I changed it to "Pain, Pain, go away" but somehow it was mistakenly heard "Brain, Brain, go away"! I am writing and praying that this mistake can be cleared up and that my brain will be returned to me. Sarcoidosis is a horrible disease, but when it turns into NeuroSarcoidosis, it is truly enemy within. In the last few weeks, I have been suffering from a multitude of symptoms that are incredibly difficult to deal with. I have had constant insomnia for many decades, but now as I drift off to dream, I wake up suddenly in a state of panic!!! This can happen 5-6 times a night, so neither I nor my Hubby are getting any sleep! This has all been a surprise to me and I don't honestly know what to expect next! On top of it all, all of my doctors are at a loss. If I could get my head together for a moment and out of this inky dark brain fog, I am planning to write a book telling my Sarcoidosis story, as well as any other Sarkies who wish to join me. So if you have Sarcoidosis and would like to be included, please speak up! The purpose of my book is to tell the real Sarcoidosis story, help others that have just been diagnosed, raise awareness for Sarcoidosis, Hopefully raise funding for Sarcoidosis research, and blast the ignorant medical community!!! We must build the infrastructure so that someone newly diagnosed with Sarcoidosis does not feel alone!

Moving Slowly down the Simple Path,