Tuesday, November 8, 2011

And another cat....

Okay, so Mike and I found out that we are both Animal Lovers! This means of course that along the way we have adopted several pets to join our home. Mike already had 2 dogs when we got married and I had 2 cats. Soon, it seemed that we had developed a reputation for Animal Rescue. We always would leave food out for the strays and at some point people would drop off animals that they could no longer take care of. We have even found a few kittens (Including the one shown above) at a nearby dumpster. Naturally, we brought them home. We have found a good many homes for these animals over the years, but need to place many, many more. It was enjoyable work and very rewarding when we both were participating. But now, since I am blind, all of the duties at our private animal rescue fall on my husband Mike. This has just become way too much work for him on top of his full-time job. The other thing that hurts is our budget, because every dime that goes into the rescue is ours. We love these animals and want to find The Best homes for them! In order to get to the simple life that we want, we have a BIG job ahead of us, finding homes for these remaining animals. We pray that this will happen soon, as we do have a time constraint. This will take a large load off of my husband's shoulders. However, we do not regret  the past 5-6 years that we have rescued animals and saved their lives when possible. I cherish the memories of all the precious animals that we lost and believe in my heart they will all be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you Lord!!


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