Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We need to call Hazmat!!

                                                                        Mr. Dyl :)
                                                                      Cutie!! :D
      Dylan and my neighbor, Nathan. (He's 5, and has a great time with Dylan!!)This was around Christmas last year. 
 I love this picture. I have no idea, I just found it on my Sisters camera. Maybe he got a craving for a camera lens?
                                        This picture is hilarious. (Annakate my niece)

I've been going through all of the stuff in my room and closet. Fun, fun, right? I have some boxes I haven't looked in since I packed them--two years ago! Which is why I keep asking myself "Why the HECK would you keep this stuff?!?" Well, now my closet is empty, my dresser is out, along with my nightstand, a lamp, an endtable, some fake flowers, a bookcase.....and a ton of TRASH!!! So yeah...my room echos now. And my room looks like a train ran over it. Or a truck hit it. Or a tornado hit it. Or a Hurricane hit it. Or maybe all 4...? Nah, I'm joking. And anyway, this is what happens when you move.


Till Tomorrow!

HAH! Who am I joking. I never post the next day if I say I will. It's like some part of my brain refuses to listen whenever I tell it I need to blog every day and on schedule. So, more correctly:

Until Whenever!!


Feels so right...

Yes, this happens to be the title of an old Alabama song! Although I dearly love the group Alabama and their music, this post is NOT about them!! The phrase "Feels so Right" simply describes my life right now!!

By the way, the above picture is of one of our Hydrangeas that our talented Daughter Alexis photographed! :)

We are still going through our possessions and downsizing! Advertisements have been placed with local sources including Craiglist, Facebook groups, and Tell 'N' Sell types of  papers. One could actually tell that the house is gradually emptying out! YAAAY!! We are still at the place where we are deep in it, and the work can be tedious at times. All-In-All, we know that we will reap the benefits of a very simple life! (Living with the bare necessities!!) Remember the song from The Jungle Book? Love it!!

The Little House is starting to fill up!  We're filling the closets up with plastic storage boxes. We are also taking all of our keeper possessions  to the Little House and planning a couple of work days out there soon to organize everything. That part of the plan is very exciting!! We have plans to purchase some new items for the Little House as well, and I'll talk about that in a later post.

                                                        I love my Little House!!

                                                    Moving Down The Simple Path,