Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year and...

:) Welcome to our new Follower, Claire123!  It is so wonderful to read about a teenager who has dedicated her life to God.

Well, Hubby coughed through Christmas and into New Year with Bronchitis. Then he passed it to Alexis, and then finally me. We are just now getting to the place where we feel better. Yesterday was the first day Alexis and I had gotten outside in awhile. We spent about an hour and a half sitting outside with my Mother on the porch. It was a beautiful "Fall" day in the middle of Winter. The tempature was pleasent with a cool breeze. Someone was also burning leaves, so that Fall smell was in the air also.

In contrast,  today was a rather rough day for me. I have been feeling rather weak and it is increasingly difficult to walk. Due to the Sarcoidosis and Diabetes, I have nerve damage in my feet and legs (and hands) and will be getting a wheelchair soon. As I am only 50, this is sometimes hard to take.  It will mean that I get to participate more in life, such as going to the Grocery store. My bout with depression today goes to the deeper thought of potential amputation, if my leg condition worsens. I pray alot and really try to stay upbeat, but somedays it gets the best of me anyway. Today was just one of those days!

On a lighter note--I am very excited about our nutrition plan! Due to all the illness since Christmas,  we've had to put things on hold. We plan to get geared up very soon, and I plan to write a post about it.

Would welcome any comments, and prayer requests.

                                                           Moving Down The Simple Path,

Monday, January 2, 2012

♪I've got a peaceful easy feeling...♫

As we welcome the New Year, 2012 finds our family of three under the weather! Mike and Alexis have a rotten bout of Bronchitis and I (Robin) have a Sarcoidosis flare, including Pleurisy in my right lung, and pain in my right kidney (kidney disease), with fever. This too shall pass! With everything that we are dealing with in addition to attempting to pare down our belongings, and find homes for our rescued animals, we are indeed a little frazzeled! Hubby had plans for so many jobs and activities for this Christmas Holiday while he was off from work, but unfourtunately he has been very ill since Christmas.

However, on the bright side, we as a family have been able to keep up with alot of blogs we enjoy. Anyone that knows me is probably aware of my dream of Full-Time RVing. I have been in love with this idea for the past six years. Reading others tales of their RVing adventures brings about a peaceful easy feeling for me. One my personal favorite RV Blogs is RV Sue and her Canine Crew. We have been reading her from the begining (April 2011), as she was getting ready to leave Georgia and head west! Hubbys favorite blog is TRAVEL WITH THE BAYFIELD BUNCH:)). They are a Canadian couple traveling in the Southwest United States. We read and follow some other really great blogs, whether travel oriented or not.

I am currently writing a book while basically home-bound most of the time and these blogs give me the free-spirited feeling that I need to continue on. For now, I am an armchair traveler, but am Praying that it will change someday soon. Praying that Daddy will come around to Mama's way of thinkin'!! :)

        Moving Down the Simple Path,