Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Going Vegetarian...

We have been researching information on nutrition, health, and wellness for the past few years. What we have found has led us to a vegetarian diet. Mike was a vegetarian for eight years prior to us getting married. After we married, he joined in with me on my "all-you-eat buffet" diet and gained some weight. He has started having health issues, such as Diabetes, and decided that we all need to make better food choices for our family. Alexis became a vegetarian about six months ago and loves to prepare food such as Vegan Vanilla Pancakes, and Fruit-Soy milk Smoothies. Mike and I became vegetarian in September of 2011. Let me confess here that although my husband and daughter are strict vegetarians, I am a cheater! Although I know that it is not good for me, I sometimes crave meat. (and sometimes eat it!)

I am so excited about what happened to me only two weeks in to being a vegetarian! I couldn't even believe it while it was happening! Having a healing crisis can be very scary, especially when you don't know it's going to happen. I began to have extreme pain deep in my sinus'. It felt like something going Pop! Pop! Pop!. Not to be gross, but it seemed a lot of mucus was leaving my body that was tinged with blood. I was almost concerned enough to go to the Emergency Room, but if you know me you know that I reserve the ER for Life-Threatening emergencies only. The pain was overwhelming! Even though this Healing Crisis lasted about a week, I could already breathe better that first night! Praise the Lord! Due to the Sarcoidosis, and the Sinus issues (Infections and Polyps), I had not been able to breathe this deeply and clearly in decades! The vegetarian diet is a non-inflammatory diet, and my body has responded  well because the Sarcoidosis is an Inflammatory disease. My Sinus' have been healed by eighty to eighty-five percent. Hallelujah!!

Also, even though I am still overweight, I have recently lost over 60 pounds. Yay me! We are always looking at ways to improve our health and wellness. We are also into supplementation, and I will talk about that in another post. More on some alternative theories as well...

Moving Down The Simple Path,

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