Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Purple Hot Chocolate, Cool Hat, New Pink Headphones, Broken Game, & Lumosity

The Package to the Hot Chocolate.

THE CHESHIRE CAT!! :D I love Alice In Wonderland, and especially the Cheshire Cat!! :)

~Wonderfully Wacky~

Vile Villains!

My  new AWESOME (!Hot Pink~!) Ear buds for my Zune...Yes, I'm listening to Taylor Swift..

My SUPER awesome new hat...COOKIE MONSTER!! :D (Tori, I know you're jealous :D ) It's upside-down BTW, I was trying to get the fluffy ends part in the pic...

Me, with the hat on! (Yes, I know I look dorky.)

The Purple Hot Chocolate:
It actually tasted pretty good, despite the fact that it looked funny. Well, it did taste kinda weird cause it had soy milk in it, but after you got used to it it was good. :)
Cool Hat:
Like the Hat..? I know YOU do, Tori!! ;) (Thanks Dad!)
New Headphones:
I think I'm cursed to have every pair of headphones I own to break within weeks after buying them. No, seriously!! EVERY SINGLE pair of headphones I have had in the last 3 months (And I've had a lot of pairs..) have A.Ripped Apart, or B. Someone, (That's name starts with D...Dylan, you wouldn't happen to know anyone like that WOULD you?!) has broken them. Or, C. I lose them. Very Frustrating. Anyway, Daddy was really nice and bought me some Hot Pink (My fave. color!) headphones!!! :D
Broken Game:
My stupid DS game broke! The one I've been playing for FOREVER to get where I'm at! and now it's re-started itself back to the beginning!!
Lumosity is this really cool site where you can train your brain, so to speak...I went to my brain profile, and these are my scores...I'm best at memory! :D
Your BPI

Later, 'gators!

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