Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sorting Through, Moving On...

My Grandson Dylan as a  newborn!

Still sorting through--old papers, pictures, and even books. Lots of papers going into the trash--YAY!! Old pictures that I can no longer see (do to blindness) are going out the door to my three older children, nieces and nephews, and most anyone else who happens to be a subject in the picture. Freedom--the load gets lighter! The books are even being divided into keepers, ones that we will sell at the final big F, T, B Sale (Furniture, Tools, Books). We have a pretty massive Library, especially homeschooling books! Alexis is currently in the 6th grade, and has been home schooled since day one. She is every Teacher's dream student!

The above picture is my grandson Dylan when he was a newborn. (May 2009) Okay, so yes he is adorable, but how does that tie into this subject? Well, about three years ago when I started going blind, I also found out that my middle Daughter, Melissa, was expecting. We worked out an agreement to benefit both of us. She would move in with us and we would help her and the baby while she would be another adult presence in the house. (Sort of Caregiver) This worked out pretty well and I had the added benefit of living with my precious Grandson and helping to raise him. Of course, we needed a larger house to accommodate all five of us. A few months ago, Melissa met and Married the man of her dreams (Kenny). So here we are, in a house too big for just the three of us! Of course Grandma misses Dylan dearly, as I helped raise him for 2 1/2 years. But life goes on, and now, thankfully, Dylan has a family of his own, with a Daddy! He also inherited an older sister and brother, as Kenny had two children from a previous marriage. They are all very happy, and I am very happy for them! We are looking for what comes next, but we know that our next housing option will be  smaller as we prefer.

Moving Down the Simple Path,

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