Monday, April 9, 2012

Super Mario 64

Mushrooms are awesome. Just sayin'

(I wrote this about 2 days ago, and since then have found my games. They were under a magazine on my bed--and I know I looked under it. Go figure!

Okay, so just about everyone that knows me (Although if you're reading this you probably don't know me, because Melissa (my sissy) doesn't read this, and probably only followed us because mom threatened her) knows that I'm HORRIBLE at losing things. Well, About half a year ago, maybe a whole year, I lost two of my DS games about the same time. Harvest Moon DS, and Super Mario 64 DS. Today, I was going through some of my boxes in my closet, when suddenly I saw something in the bottom of the book box--my game case!! Yep, both missing games were in there, which means I lost them both at the same time. I guess I just didn't realize I'd lost the other one until later. Whenever I lose something, I freak out. "Where IS it?!" "Where the heck did I PUT it?!" "It's GOT to be right here!!" "But I just set it down, and now it's disappeared.." And, once I'm reunited with it again I....freak out. Notice a theme here? So, today, when I found the games, I half-screeched half-screamed: "YES! I FOUND IT! HOW DID I LOSE IT? HOW DID IT GET IN THERE? I CAN'T BELIEVE I FOUND IT!" Etc, etc. And then, in the midst of freaking out, I....lose it again. which is exactly  what happened, and now I don't know where I put them. *Sigh* This happens All. The. Time! I couldn't wait until we got home to play them, and now they're missing again. This just recently happened with my Zune. And before that, with my DS.

And so on, and so forth...


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