Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Welcome, Spring!!

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Okay, so I have been meaning to post since March 21st, and welcome Spring. Here in South Georgia, we have been having some beautiful weather! All the azaleas have bloomed, and I wake up to all of the little bird songs. Boy, are they happy! Sometimes I think about how nice it would be to live a simple life!! My Daughter Melissa and Grandson Dylan stayed with us almost a week while they were having their bathroom remodeled. Of course, he's Grandma's snuggle bunny first thing in the morning! One particular morning he woke up early, climbed up in my lap, and asked to sing the birdy song! I thought it was just too early to be singing, but.....!

Here's the song:

Way up in the sky
the little birdies fly
way down in the nest,
the little birdies rest.

With a wing on the left
And a wing on the right
The little birds sleep
All thru the night

SHHH!! (quiet)
They’re sleeping

(really loud)
The bright sun comes up,
the dew falls away,
"Good morning, good morning!"
the little birdies say.

Since Dylan has been born, we have been waking up the birds together, and he loves this song!

In the last 3 weeks, besides some bright spots with the family, I have been struggling with my health. No surprises there!!! Doctors Appointments, Lab Work, Ultrasound, Chest X-ray, and more Doctors Appointments! My primary care checked me out again, and sent me to 2 specialists, a Gastroenternologist, and an Endocrinologist. The Gastro was a complete jerk, and I'm just not going to talk about it!! The Endocrinologist was a wonderful Doctor, and I had a very thorough exam.  He's putting me on a medicine for Diabetes in the form of a once a week shot. (Not insulin) I pray this goes well! During the thorough exam, all of my reflexes were checked. Usually they only do the knees. Unfortunately, we found out that both of my ankles had no reflexes. Pretty hard to deal with!! I've known for some time that due to Diabetic Neuropathy,  my feet were nearly lifeless. They feel nothing! So now I have the proof from the Doctor! No matter how I have tried to prepare myself for this news, it is unreal! First the eyes, now the feet! Sarcoidosis and Diabetes are the enemy!

Moving Down The Simple Path,

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