Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New followers, 63 pictures, and a project...

 Alright, first off: we have two new followers!! Yaaay! That makes 10!! Thank you  Lauryn, of Love Notes By Lauryn, and Roudi, of C Is For Craft!! You made my day :)
This is #1 of the 63 pictures..and no, i'm not kidding. I counted them. I've taken about 7,000 since Christmas. This is from when I first got my allowance...I made rings! And I made 10 of them (I get $10 allowance) and put them all on at once :)

Not bad for my first time making them

I still had some grass and easter eggs my friend gave me, so I took pictures...

And threw in some real eggs for fun :)

These thingies were only a dollar at Walmart! They're squishy. And awesome, too!!

My pillow...yeah, when I get bored, I take pictures of everything. And I do mean everything...including electrical plugs, vents, lamps, etc...

Aren't these little angels awesome?! I got them at a yard sale for $3!

I keep them on my *messy* bookcase,

 beside my *messy* desk,

 With everything else!
 The mixture of...
a tape measure, (I think you only call the hard ones that. I don't know what you call the softy ones...)

 and Fabric, can only mean one thing....PROJECT TIME!! I'm going to *try* to make my nephew a blanket thing...
                                                         My marker/colored pencil box
                                                          Hmm, which one would work?
This is what it's going to look like. *Ahem* Sorry, excuse me...this is what it's supossed to look like. The fact that I'M making it, plus the fact that i'm only using two colors, means that it will look nothing like that...except they both use blue :D
                                                               Gotta have music!!
                                                     My sewing  box
What it'll look like when it's done. Hmm, it's smaller than I thought. Oh well, he can use it for his stuffed animal or something.
                                                          What it looks like sewed...
                                                         Yeah, I messed got tangled...

                                         Jeez, that's alot of sewing to do....
                                          Aww, it broke... :(
Hmm. Maybe if I open this up, then put it back in there, then smoosh it....Nope. Not gonna work...
                                           I'm so great at cutting. Not even CLOSE to even...
                         Packing everything to get ready to go to Grandma's tomorrow...
                                               Rolling up my tape measure...

                                                        Hehe, I love doing this... :)
                                           Hmm, there's gotta be a use for all those scraps...
               And yes, I was working in the kitchen. Well, actually, I was at the bar, which faces the kitchen. Heh. I'm very technical...
        The other day when my niece was here, she started organizing the magnets and put them in a row...well, when  I looked up, I realized she had spelled timely! (And she doesn't know how to spell. She's only 4. It jsut worked out that way)
      Dang, it's late. (that's PM!!) I need to go to bed, especially since I've got to get up at 5 to go to Grandma's while Mom goes to the Doctor...
                                         Ever noticed the logo for Toblerone has a bear in it?
                                             What's better than a rainbow of popsicles?
                                          A whole ROW of them!! these aren't frozen though :(

       Ha! I can hold 'em all with one hand, even though it's like 100 of them!
                                                                I've got an idea!!
                                           Can you tell what this is going to be...?
 NYAN CAT!! Although, it looks more like a 2nd grader threw up...the rainbow is popsicles, the body is a poptart, (duh) the legs, tail, head, ears, and mouth were scraps of fabric (told you they were useful!!), and the eyes are jellybeans.
                                                     Oooops....I got hungry! :D
                                                   "now it's really late...better go write that blog..."

                                                              Night everyone!!
                                    (This will be posted tomorrow...i'm too tired!!)

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