Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring has SPRUNG! (and...PICTURES!

Okay, so in reality, spring has long since sprung, but we'll just say it's just started, since I've been slacking off in the realm of posting.

My Nephew, Dylan. (I should say "one" of my Nephews. I have 4. He's the youngest.)

My friend, Tori. (Ansley1905)


I've been looking up tutorials on sewing things, such as skirts, pants, pillows, etc. I found some really great sites while searching, so I figured I'd list them :)

(Everything I am writing I have found out from reading her posts, since I cannot seem to find an About Me) Dana has 3 Children, 2 Girls, 1 Boy. She makes some of their clothing, and has tutorials on alot of the things she makes. You can buy patterns from her as well. She has a wonderful and helpful site. You should check it out :)

I have to admit, I haven't looked at this site a whole lot, but they have great articles about 7 things you need to know about sewing, great tips about zippers,  how to make buttonholes, how to pick out the right sewing machine, etc.

This site is AWESOME! They have all SORTS of tutorials/ideas/etc! I can't get enough of this! I latched myself onto the tutorial on making the felt coasters, and told myself "You HAVE to make these TONIGHT." I drug out the old felt from last Christmas that had gotten buried in my closet because it was blue (Not Christmasy, unless you plan of using Blue & Silver, like we ended up doing--AFTER I made them!!), printed out the pattern, and sat down to work. I read through the instructions before crashing. "X-acto knife or Rotary Cutter"--and I didn't have either one. "Daaaad, do you have an, egg-zac-toe knife or a rotary bladey thingy?" (I'm really good at catching the details when i'm distressed--NOT!!) "No, I sure don't. I might have an old one, but you'd need a sharp one. You can probably get one from Hobby Lobby. We'll try to pick you up one next time we're there." "Yeah, but I need it TONIGHT!! :( :( :(" I sadly walk to the kitchen, staring at my felt. There had to be a way to do it tonight! (I'm very impatient, as I'm sure you've noticed. It's in my genes!!!!!)"Chris-teeeeen-aaaaa," I wailed, slowly walking over to the couch, where she sat reading. "I'm trying to make this coaster thing, but it needs an eggs-ack-tow knife, or a rotary blade, and I don't have one, and I need one." *Buries Face In Couch, Dramactically* "Hold on, lemme see, here..." *walks over to computer* "Well, you could just cut it there and there with sissors, and fold it over to cut it there, and then you wouldn't need it." WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?! She's a genius. Or..either I just didn't think of that because I was in the midst of peril. Either one.

Well, I made them, and it worked out, without a knife. Although I still can't say X-acto. At least I can spell it, right?!


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