Monday, April 16, 2012

Haircut, and trying to curl...

Me, Right after getting my hair cut--It's less fluffy now!!
Okay, so I got my hair cut--finally! It's almost chin length and layered.I LOVE IT!!

Great picture, huh? Well, I've never been able to curl my hair, but now that's it's been thinned out, it works. I hate standing there waiting, though. I was looking at Love Notes By Lauryn (Will Post Link Laterr!) and saw something about headband curling. Well, I figured, what the heck, and decided to try it. One prob-limo...I CAN'T FIND MY STRETCHY HEADBANDS! Ugh! Dire emergency here! Guess what I used...a sarong!! I just wrapped it around, and knotted it in the front (Because it's not exactly comfortable to sleep on a knot!!) and then wrapped the extra ends back around my head and stuffed them under. Seems to be working. Not sure if it will work, because I have short hair, but it's worth trying, and I love doing stuff like this!!!

Okay, so the whole headband thing didn't work. My hair is too short, so it kept falling out. Well, I saw something else about doing pretty much the same thing with socks, but wrapping up the individual sections and then knotting the sock. Um, well, I only did a couple, because I was going to sleep in them, which you aren't supposed to do, (PLUS, it's not comfy!!)  and I just wanted to see what it looked like. One worked, but the rest just made my hair stick out in weird positions. Sooo, #1 rule: if you do this, DON'T SLEEP IN IT!! Wahhh :( They aren't going away, either.

As promised, the link to the best site ever....Love Notes By Lauryn!! She is so awsome!! (And pretty too :)  ) Her site is the greatest everrrr!! You've gotta check her out!!!



  1. sweetest post ever! you are a sweetheart. thank you so much for the shout out! i am happily a new follower! i am going to mention you in a post, probably tomorrow, so be sure to come on over!!
    {lots of love} lauryn @

  2. Aww! You're so nice :) Thanks for following!!

  3. Hi Alexis,

    Loving your little blog. :) Keep up the good work. Oh, and I'm your newest follower! ♥

    Roudi @