Monday, March 19, 2012

We Bought a Gulfstream!! (And, also, a new plan)

                                                       (This was written last night!!)
Ignore me standing behind the door...hehe, Tori took it too fast :)

(I would be writing this next to the first picture, but it won't let me!!) No, not a Gulfstream Airplane, a travel trailer! Tomorrow (Monday) will be a week since we bought it! It's so cool :)

If you're wondering why Dyl is in these two pics, it's because he thought we were taking a picture of him. ("we" meaning Tori & I. She's the one that took most of the pictures.)

Welcome Home! :)
Ignore my legs, please. I was holding the door. There is a way to hook the door to the side of the trailer so it doesn't swing back & forth, but I didn't know how to do it at the time. So, I was designated Dylan watcher and door holder, while Tori got the fun job--photographer! It was kind of cool though, because I jumped out and scared her later ;)

This is the "master bedroom" if you can call it that. It has like a queen bed in it, I think, so there's not a whole lot of room to walk beside it, but there's still enough room for a little intable sort of thing on the left side, (not pictured) and a closet that you can see on the right. I hid in there one time, so it goes pretty far back. You can't really tell, because of the shadow it casts. We don't have it plugged into electricity yet, so it's not the best enviorment for picture-taking.

Almost the same picture, but you can see the window on the right.

Last picture! I promise I'll get better pics soon, maybe tomorrow. This is the couch. In the left bottom corner, you can see the kitchen counter/sink. Above the couch is a window.the brown you see on the right is the door to the bedroom. On the right side, theres the door, then the dinitte/dinette/dinnette (I have absolutly no idea how you spell it), with a window above the dinitte/dinette/dinnette thing. then theres the fridge. You know how most RV's have little fridgies? Well, this one has a normal sized one. I mean, normal sized because it's the normal width, but i'm still taller than it.  Okay, then there's a wall a little bit longer than the fridge, with a curtain attached to it. This you can pull across if you, like, need privacy to change or something. Behind this wall/curtain, is a bunk bed. Now, seeing as I'm a very tall 12-year-old, and taller than most of my family at 5' 5" and still growing, and I can barely sit up straight on the bottom bunk, and can't even squat on the top one, I'm pretty sure i'll be sleeping on bottom. Especially since there's a window on the bottom bunk. Okay, this is a little hard to explain...the bunks are like half open. there's a wall that covers the other half. Well, not just a wall, a room. This is the bathroom. It's the very back of the trailer. Now, let me explain the left side.( and while I'm explaining this, I'm leaving out the bedroom, since it covers the whole front, and it's seperate. You've seen the couch, and the edge of the counter. Right where the couch ends, the 'kitchen" starts. The sink comes first. It has two sinks. Well, not two faucets, but two of the buckets things. ARRGH! I'm horrible at explaining!!  Then, there's the counter, and then the stove. It has 3 burners in a triangle-y shape, and it's gas I think. Directly above the stove is the microwave.  Above and below the rest of the "kitchen" is just drawers and cabinets. Next to the stove is a closet, much bigger than the one in the 'Rents Room, and it's mine ♪♥ Yaay!! ♪♥  Anyway, next to the closet is the sink for the bathroom, since theres no room for it in there. Now, you're back at the bathroom. If you understood any of that, you deserve a medal or 1,000 bucks or something.

I know I said I'd post every day, but sometimes there's just nothing to blog about!! And I don't wish to have a boring blog, but I'm not very good a self disiplining myself to find something to blog about, so I don't think I'm well-suited for blogging every day. I will try to post alot though. 'Cause blogging is Rainbow~! ♥ (If you need translation, read my last post!) I also thought that if I found a cool site of something, I could have a little section at the end of my posts for the links to sites I find interesting.

Well, ta-da! (Or is it ta-ta?)
I do have a secret, but for now my fingers are sealed!!


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