Monday, March 19, 2012


The brownies I made today :) They have snowflake sprinkles on them.

Up close..!

 Kind of loo
ks like it has steam around it, right? Well, I mean, they did, but you couldn't see it with the camera. I used Dream effect for it, and whenever you take a picture of food it looks like it's steamy.

Isn't the plate cute?!

My brownies♥

The ingredients...and no, I did not use bottled water, I just used that for the picture instead of a bowl of water ;)

I made the fudgy kind. The cake-like kind tastes just like chocolate cake. Well, duh, that's why it's called that, lol!

 Annd of course, you need a glass of milk♥ Well, it's not a glass, and you can't really tell what's inside, but whatever. I wanted to use my....

Snoopy and Woodstock cup! Ever since I was little, I have LOVED Woodstock. I used to have this little Woodstock lip balm that I carried everywhere :D


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