Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shamrocks and butterflies♥

 About the blog title. I have no idea why I decided to call it that, it just kind of popped in my head. And I decided to go with it, as you can see :) Something kind of funny, though: Since I'd decided to call this blog "Shamrocks and butterflies", I want to look on Google images to see if they might have a picture of shamrocks and butterflies...although I figured it would be hard to find. Anyway, I typed it in kind of fast, and ended up typing "shamrocks and buttflies"!!! I laughed so hard, mom thought something was wrong. Hehe. This picture was kind of random, and just popped into my head also. I love these flowers :) So pretty. Even if in a warped way.

Shamrock day is almost here! That's what I call Saint Patrick's Day. Anyway, I thought, what's better than shamrocks? Well, you're right! RAINBOW SHAMROCKS!!!

You know I had to put a butterfly in here somewhere. And it's rainbow too♥

Shamrock Peace Sign=awesomeness in an icon!

 Whenever it's storming, I always think it's a party in heaven--the rain is confetti, the lightning is strobe lights (or a disco ball, perhaps?), and the thunder is music~! :D Maybe I'm just weird....?

I got a new game--Rune Factory 3!!  It's a Harvest Moon game. It's SO awesome. One of the characters, Daria, LOVES rainbows (like me), and whenever she's like happy or something, she shouts rainbow. I might do that from now on :D The character I play is a guy, which I don't like, but it's like that with most Harvest Moon games.

I know I haven't really been sticking with my program. Not only have I not been doing the whole book thing, I haven't been posting everyday, which I  really want to do. I'm going to call off book month, mostly because it's boring. Buuut,I might do other stuff like it. I just don't like themed posts!! :S I like being kind of spontaneous. I don't plan any of my blogs, and I like it that way. I seem to write better. That's like with some of my books i'm writing--if I get stuck, it helps me to just freely write whatever I want.. which is why I love this blog and my journal so much. Welp, rainbows to you all :)


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