Sunday, December 11, 2011

Just me...

This is one of the photos that was taken Thanksgiving day at the park. My Husband described it to me and I decided that it represented the way in which I spend alot of my time. Being blind limits your activities and so I find myself very introspective. Sometimes this can be a very peaceful serene time. Lately, however, I feel as though I'm coming un-glued. You see, I am very ill (Sarcoidosis and blindness) and I guess I spend alot of time looking back over the past 50 years. Let's just say that it has not been a smooth journey! my way of dealing with bad situations has always been to put each one in a box, tie it up tightly, survive, and move on with life.  This seemed my only choice at the time. I have been stabbed in the heart, and stabbed in the back when I didn't see it coming. There's alot of pain and hurt in those boxes! Now that I am in a safe place, with my Husband and Daughter by my side, the boxes are threatening to come untied. Guess it's time to deal with the emotional mess of the past!! There are so many things about my journey that even some of my closest friends don't know. As I prepare to deal with these issues, I will also be sharing my thoughts and feeling here, in the hopes that I can help someone else coming from the smae background.

We have been sorting through more items to keep and get rid of. Yay!! One more donation to GoodWill and one small bill paid off! Every little bit helps!

Moving down the simple path,

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