Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gearing up for the New Year!!

:) Welcome to our new follower Ansley1905! Thanks for taking the time to read our blog!

WOW! Time really does fly! The whole month of December was so busy with my Daughter's Birthday, eating out, and Christmas shopping! I had determined to do things slowly (my only speed) but was still wornout and completely exhausted by Christmas Eve. I must admit to dropping a couple more rungs down the health ladder. I will be getting into a wheelchair very soon, but still must admit my limitations. I have a very limited amout of energy and need to save that for the most important activities.

We are gearing up for the New Year in the hopes of being as healthy as we can be! I am planning to primarily eat fresh whole foods and stay away from the procesed and sugary alternatives. We have a Champion juicer and plan to put it to good use. Hubby and I are also getting our health supplements lined up. Yes, I certainly could stand to lose more weight (I am 60 pounds down from my top weight) however, the main reason to follow this new nutrition plan is to try to defeat the Sarcoidosis disease that is destroying my body. It makes sense to me that if this disease is inflammatory, and I am eating a non-inflammatory diet, that this nutrition plan could slow or possibly even stop the Sarcoidosis flares. That is my Prayer!! If anyone is interested, I will go into more detail later about our nutrition plan.

                                                    Moving Down The Simple Path,


  1. My Champion sets idle to my regret. Oh, this skewed economy. The pounds will melt away for you when juicing. I started juicing for a different reason and lost 20 in one month. Talking about pure amazement!
    Thanks for mentioning me - that is a first!

    Yes, I would like to know more about your nutritional plan. Please give it to us.

    Told my SIL of you and sarcoidosis. Too sick to respond; in the throws of pheumonia presently. Poor Sandra. She lives in north Florida. Might be you two are close by to each other; who knows?

    Hey, Happy New Year and may it promise greatly improved health for you.

  2. Happy New Year, Carolyn!

    Praying that this year brings health and happiness you way as well.

    So sorry to hear about your SIL Sandra. We are probably not far apart, since I live in South Georgia and she lives in North Florida. Would love to talk to her and help encourage her since this is a very dreadful disease we both have.

    Will be blogging soon about the nutritional plan we are following. Glad you are interested!