Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Alot of stuf....(And yeah, I spelled stuff with only one's how i do it)

Alot of things have happened since I last posted.

November 10th. Wow. That's a loooong time. I've forgotten alot of what's happened actually, except for recently, so i'll report what I remember. Funny how I remember things from when I was 2, but I can't remember things a month ago. Well, actually, that happens because events only go into your long term memory if they have some sort of emotional meaning or something. But, anyways, I won't go into all that...(Btw, if you're wondering, we don't go out to eat every night. We were celebrating my Birthday--all week long!!)
December 12th:
Went to El Real. They sang some type of Happy Birthday song. And put my name of the sign.
December 13th:
Went to Cheddar's. Well, and Publix too. But that doesn't really count. Also, Shoutout to Tori. Thanks for the Pink Eiffel Tower :) Oh, and thanks to the 'rents for the Elf, Shelby. And to Granny for the Hello Kitty Pajama's and Slippers.
December 14 (My actual B-day):
Had a cupcake & Capri-sun Birthday Picnic in my front yard. Thanks to Tori, Abby, Britney, Lorissa, Nathan, Tyler, Annakate, Dylan, Hillary, Sean, Granny, and Melissa for coming :) And special thanks to Granny, who made it possible. And we went out to eat at Huddle House.
December 15th:
We went out to eat at Frank & Linda's
December 16th:
Had an ice cream cake party at Granny's house. Thanks Melissa, Kenny, Dylan, Matt, Kim, Elizabeth, Abigail, Sherry, and Don for coming :)
~And that completes the Birthday week. The other six days have just been a blur of Christmas Shopping--not a whole lot of intresting stuff going on. Oh, Yeah, Shoutout to the Felkers--Ryan, Susan, and Victoria (Tori)!! Thanks for the sweets :) The oreo truffles are best :) I need to find out how you made them!! :D
Well, I don't know what else to say, so i'll sto--OOOOOHHH! I DO KNOW WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT!!!! Buuut, I think i'll save it for later ;) Night Guys!


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