Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Critter Clarity...

:) First, let me welcome my new follower, (actually, my first!!), Carolyn of Musings By The Creekside. So happy to have you on board! I enjoy reading your blog as well.

I must say that while we have been searching for ways to simplify our lives, that one of the things we were considering was to find a way to close our private animal rescue. Although this is not what we really wanted, all of the work and all the financial responsibility fell on my husbands shoulders. With his work schedule, and my being so ill it is indeed a hardship! Over the holidays, we have  come across many animals that needed help, and have found that we are it. We believe that God put us together for many reasons, and one of those is because we both have big hearts for needy animals. We must find a way to keep the animal rescue going and possibly even increase it's size. We are going to look into starting an official animal rescue with non-profit status, that way we can be eligible for grants and donations from the general public. Also, we may be able to find volunteers in the community to help, as well as seasonal Work-Campers. With this in mind, we will start to look for a 5-10 acre site in the general area for our animal rescue and eventual no-kill shelter. We hope to serve a tri-county area near us in south Georgia. Please pray with us that God's Little Critters Animal Rescue and No-Kill Shelter will become a reality and a bright spot in the community.

                                                      Animal Rescue is Our Mission!


                                                   Moving Down The Simple Path,

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