Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Happy Birthday week!

For now, I am going to try to post at least once a week! Between the serious Sarcoidosis flares and our transitional move that is about the best I can do.

Today is my husband Mikes birthday! Let me say thank you honey for being my rock when I need your strength and being my cuddly warm teddy bear when I need softness! Just like the lyrics of the country song, God Gave Me You! (Thank you Lord!) :) We have been celebrating all week with dinners out! We started with Chinese, then Mexican, and now tonight Italian! Delicious!

During the past couple of weeks I have had visits from all of the children, and even some of the grands! Other than that, I have been rather reclusive--kind of like hibernation! I believe that disconnecting and going into winter hibernation like the bears is really going to help my illness! Something has to! On that note, I had a doctors visit this week to get another anti-biotic to throw at these infections! The doctor visit itself may have done more for my spirit than any medicine! I've known this family practice doctor half of my life, and am very comfortable with him! In fact in some ways he seems like a friendly uncle! At the end of the visit he said to me, "With everything that you have going on, somehow you still always manage to stay upbeat."! That comment really touched my heart and made me feel happy!!

Since today is my husbands birthday, we paid the taxes on tags for our truck and little house! We have the new decal so now our little house is free to fly! Even Mike was feeling free and elated! We are making progress!

Also want to say happy birthday to my aunt Ruth, who turns 94 today! She is a real fighter! It's also Billy Currington's birthday, and he is her favorite singer! She says second only to Elvis!

Moving Down The Simple Path,

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