Tuesday, November 12, 2013

11-12-13 & The Best Laid Plans....

On this interesting date 11-12-13, I had planned months ago to be hosting a potluck dinner at the best little campground ever! But alas, the little house is still parked in our driveway! :( I (Robin) have been having serious health issues generally caused from sarcoidosis. These include several infections running rampant in my body due to a compromised immune system. Because of this, and a few other things, Mike has had to focus on me instead of the transition plans. We hope to be moving within a month. Now if I could just develop some patience!

Because of my illness, need to disconnect, and a few other issues, our small family of three have decided to spend the winter in hibernation like the bears! The definition of hibernation is to winter in close quarters or to withdraw and go into seclusion during the colder months. This sounds really good to me and is basically the plan! I will spend the time trying to get as healthy as possible and getting my first book Blaze A Trail finished and ready for publication. My plans also include some traveling and keeping up with this blog.

Moving Down The Simple Path,

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