Monday, February 13, 2012

I ish saying Happy Valentines early. (And also some random pics from 3DS)

 I'm blogging to say Happy Valentines early. I'm posting alot of pictures from my 3DS, some with hearts, some without. I basically just uploaded any picture with hearts, so yeah it's kind of a weird mix lol
 Isn't it cool how it looks like Zelda is about to cut Kirby, and so Kirby is running away? Well, guess what?! I didn't even mean to make it look like that!! The Zelda card blew over to where I was taking pictures of Kirby!!

Picture of hearts and bubbles..

Picture of hearts...

Picture of my shoe. And no, my shoelaces aren't brown. :D It's taken with sepia.

Garlic...Isn't it a cool picture though? There's a mystery button on the DS, where it plays with the pics so you don't know what you're getting, and that's how most of these photos were taken. It takes alot to make garlic look cool.


Hearts all around our Bassett Hound, the infamous Charlie. (The one who ate our pumpkin)

Hearts around a penguin.

My shoe, again.

This picture is really creepy. It was taken with Negative setting. It looks like my eyes are bugged out and looking down, but actually i'm looking straight ahead, and the picture was taken below me.

This picture is so cool! I was taking a picture of my hair, (Don't judge, I was really bored) and then the DS put a picture of me on it, so it looks like I took a picture of me with hair in my face.



Kinda cool picture of some baby food jars.


Me & my freckles.

Picture of mine & mama's faces merged. That's the other cool thing the DS will do; merge faces.


My adorable little nephew♥

Warheads bottle, taken with Negative.

Coke bottle, taken with Negative.

Cool pic of trees, taken with Sepia.

Kirby, with hearts all around him. (In case you haven't noticed, I LOVE KIRBY!!)

B/W pic taken from our truck.

Random picture of my legs..


Picture of our grass...We have pretty grass :D

Another pic of our grass.

Pretty picture of the sky & trees


My brother-in-law being a doofus :P

My pretty sissy :D (Sry it's sideways)

Pic of trees. Taken with Sepia.


I think this is a really awesome picture!


Cool picture of the sky.


Annnnnnnd, boys and girls, if you're still awake, this is yet again a picture of a tree taken with negative. Hey, I can't help it if I want to be a photographer! :D

Have a great valentines day, and Domo Kun hugs to you! ;D

~Alexis ♥

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