Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Febuary Meanderings...

Snow angel from a friend

:) Welcome to our new follower, Christie from At Sixes & Sevens! It is so great to meet another person dedicated to animal rescue!

The above picture of a snow angel was sent to me by my dear friend David who is living in the snow covered mountains. We have had a mild winter here up until the last week. The last few nights have found the temperatures dropping down to the 20's, which is too chilly for this Georgia Peach!!

Happy Valentines Day! My February is filled with Birthdays, Sweet Days, and one very special Anniversary!

9th-Happy Birthday to my dear friend Jack!
10th-Happy Birthday to my Mom! (Her 82nd)
12th-Happy Birthday to my Daughter Melissa! This is also the one year anniversary of getting my Basset Hound puppy, Charlie.
14th-Happy Valentines Day! Tomorrow is the real Sweet Day, when I buy candy at 1/2 price! :)
15th-Happy Anniversary to my wonderful Husband Mike!! Thank you for being my sweetheart!

I am still not feeling quite myself these days! Feeling pretty weak and not sure when or if I will bounce back. Still looking into the possibility of launching into a non -profit status for our animal rescue. We are still involved in personal animal rescue as we have been for the past 5-6 years, but not sure what the future holds. It is taking alot of money and time when I am at a place where my health is deteriorating. We must make some tough choices!

Moving Down The Simple Path,

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