Thursday, November 1, 2012

No, I didn't disappear! At least...totally!

Bonjour everyone! So, I haven't posted in...well, forever! Or close enough :) Almost a month ago, I created my own blog, just for crafts. But, don't worry! I'll still be posting here, it'll just be catagorized diferently. I'll only post on here about..well, stuff that's going on, for one, and also for Homeschool. I'm going to be doing "field trips" to historical places in Georgia for Georgia History. And part of my grade is to write a report about it on here. So, that's the other thing I'll be doing!

The bestest thing EVURR happened on the 22nd of October! Taylor Swift's new album Red came out!! Annd, on her website, they were selling these AWESOME packages...Bonus, Premium, and Ultimate..AND I GOT THE ULTIMATE ONE!! :D It's sort of Christmas, early. It comes with a blanket, Tervis cup, her new CD (duh), a framed--GIANT--picture of her, a signed lyric booklet (it's in the picture frame--so, basically, you get two), & a note from her!! :D Awesome, riight?!

Yep. & that's about it.


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