Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Welcome Autumn--My Favorite Season!!

It's always so nice when I start to detect the cool crisp tones of Autmn in the air! Autumn, sweet Autumn!! Although I can no longer see the visual effects of the beautiful golden crimson fall foliage, I still adore Autumn's presence. It is still a sensory delight to walk through a carpet of crisp new fallen leaves that crunch underfoot.I believe that the scent of burning leaves is one of the more intoxicating pleasures of Autumn! (Although I can only handle the smoke in moderation these days!)

I was born in Autumn! I have just celebrated my 51st Birthday in a very relaxing way. My husband Mike, daughter Alexis and I spent some time at a nearby hotel. Actually, I would like to give the Holiday Inn Express a shoutout for being a great hotel! It was a birthday gift from my mom, because we had to stay close to home in order to walk the dogs. We spent a very relaxing time together watching television (the Food Network), popping popcorn and ordering in pizza--things we don't normally do at home. The next morning was breakfast at the hotel, then more relaxing before we left for home. Great birthday and I didn't over do it! :)

Plans are coming together as far as what we do next on our simple path! Looks like we may find a really great place in the country, live very simply, grow our own food and travel by RV and camp when possible. Hopefully we will be making progress on this path very soon! Sounds like a winner to me!

I love you Big Bird!

Moving Down The Simple Path,

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