Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We need to call Hazmat!!

                                                                        Mr. Dyl :)
                                                                      Cutie!! :D
      Dylan and my neighbor, Nathan. (He's 5, and has a great time with Dylan!!)This was around Christmas last year. 
 I love this picture. I have no idea, I just found it on my Sisters camera. Maybe he got a craving for a camera lens?
                                        This picture is hilarious. (Annakate my niece)

I've been going through all of the stuff in my room and closet. Fun, fun, right? I have some boxes I haven't looked in since I packed them--two years ago! Which is why I keep asking myself "Why the HECK would you keep this stuff?!?" Well, now my closet is empty, my dresser is out, along with my nightstand, a lamp, an endtable, some fake flowers, a bookcase.....and a ton of TRASH!!! So yeah...my room echos now. And my room looks like a train ran over it. Or a truck hit it. Or a tornado hit it. Or a Hurricane hit it. Or maybe all 4...? Nah, I'm joking. And anyway, this is what happens when you move.


Till Tomorrow!

HAH! Who am I joking. I never post the next day if I say I will. It's like some part of my brain refuses to listen whenever I tell it I need to blog every day and on schedule. So, more correctly:

Until Whenever!!


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  1. Gorgeous pictures Alexis! Such vivid colors those flowers have. :)

    Oh and by the way, You've been awarded the Liebster Blog Award for small blogs! :D
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