Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A breezy afternoon at Fort McAllister!

We woke up Saturday morning (May 4th) to the sound of a steady rain. Due to my ever-present disease of Sarcoidosis combined with a difficult healing crisis I was experiencing a very emotional morning and asked Mike to stay home with me. He originally had plans to go to work. As expected, due to the rain, my grandsons t-ball game was cancelled. Despite the soggy day, we decided to get out of the house for awhile and just go for a drive. Somehow our truck ended up in Richmond Hill (Georgia) at one of our favorite restaraunts--The Upper Crust. After a delicious lunch, we headed out on a drive that led us to Fort McAllister State Park.

I was pleasently surprised to find that this park is wheelchair friendly. Although I am not 100% confined to my wheelchair, I do use it for long distances. Below is a picture of me and Mike and one of me and Alexis.

This scenic park is located south of Savannah, Georgia on the banks of the Ogeechee River and is perfect for a day of leasurely exploration. It would be a great place for bycicling or canoeing, and they offer rentals for both. While we were there, a group of people were fishing from the dock.

This picture of the marsh was taken on the way to the camground on Savage Island. We were basically checking out the island for an upcoming camp. It is located in a very tranquil, natural setting! Thankfully the day we were there it was very breezy, and that helped to keep the sand gnats at bay! We will be back!

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