Tuesday, April 23, 2013

...About the Healing Crisis From Toxic Hell!

It's been nearly two months now since I've started this new whole food nutrition product. As you may have noticed from the picture above,  the products name is Juice Plus+. Nutrition is the key to health and Juice Plus+ delivers! Check out our new website at www.frogturtlejuiceplus.com and watch some of the informative videos for yourself! Mike, Alexis and I are all taking the product but since I have serious health issues, I am the only one dealing with a serious health crisis.

As the title states, for me this healing crisis has been very difficult--although totally worth it! Judging from the symptoms that I have been going through, my body was very toxic and nutritionally depleted! This disease of Sarcoidosis robs and destroys your body until it finally kills you! As soon as I can get back on my feet, with Gods help using Juice Plus+ as a tool, I plan to start a campaign to raise awareness about how insidious Sarcoidosis really is. Most people just don't realize! While I am going through the healing crisis and replenishing my nutrition stores with Juice Plus+, I am also using some simple and natural detox methods to cleanse my body. These include: Epsom salt baths, bentonite clay, poultices for the lungs and sinuses, bentonite clay baths, basic fleet enemas and a mild vegetable laxative. Sarcoidosis had all but shut down my digestive system! Within hours after taking my first Juice Plus capsules, my digestive system was trying to reawaken! Thank you God for Juice Plus+!

One of the best things about the Juice Plus+ company is that when you as an adult order your box of product, a child member of your family ages 4-18 is eligible to receive a box of Juice Plus+ free of charge. This is implemented through their Children's Health Study program. Amazing! Check it out!

Moving Down The Simple (and healthier!) Path,

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