Sunday, August 12, 2012

A day at the beach!

Me (Robin) and Alexis building a mud-drop castle (poopy castle) jsut outside a tidal pool at the beach!

Alexis burying my legs in the wet sand.

Me and Alexis at the edge of the tidal pool.

Me and Alexis on the swing at Tybee.

Me and Hubby (Mike) on the swing.

Alexis in the surf.

Alexis on her way into the Sugar Shack for her after-beach ice cream!What flavor did she choose?

Yay! After many sick days--let's make that weeks, I got up the nerve to get out of the house and go walk on the beach. Tybee Beach is our choice! We all love it there! Turns out that I can get in my wheelchair to go across the ramp over the sand dune and leave my wheelchair nearby to walk a short distance to a really nice swing. After awhile,  I decided that I wanted to walk the 100+ feet trip to a small tidal pool. It was low tide and I wanted to build a mud-drop castle (poopy castle) near the tidal pool. Words jsut can't express how relaxing it was to simply play like a little kid. Before we left for the beach, Alexis and I had decorated each other with delicious-smelling sunscreen. As it turns out, the sky was overcast, and we didn't get much sun. If we had, we would have had a series of polka dots and stripes all over our arms. Would have been cute! At least we had fun doing it. Even Mike seemed to relax a little more--beachside! As a family, we need more of these kinds of simple days!

By the way, Alexis chose Vanilla! :)

Moving Down The Simple Path,

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